Jackie Sharpe

I am a commercial and editorial photographer living in the great Pacific Northwest,  but with global travel adventures. The three areas below represent what I love to work on. Food and beverage because it bring people together; Environmental Portraiture because of story telling, and Architect/Interior Design first because of fascination with European buildings, second because we as humans spend a lot of time in a building whether is home living, work or for fun. Design in and outside plays a big role in our comfort.  When you hire me, you not only get a skilled photographer in these areas, but a passion for it.

Food: The importance of good food images representing a food business is essential. Due to training and experience with food styling, photography and prop styling, all three have proven very useful, giving me an advantage while working on editorial and advertising projects. 

Environmental Portraiture: This is significant to story telling, showcasing moments from behind the scenes attract viewer emotions, and draws each person into the story. 

Architect Exterior/Interior  Throughout my travels and living overseas, I have been fascinated with architect design including interior styling. 

Writer and Photographer: Kids Play Magazine, Living TC, NW Wine Press, World Food Travel Association

Contact: Cell: 541-350-7828 - Email: jackie@jackiesharpeimages.com

Serving the Pacific Northwest (Oregon and Washington)