Jackie Sharpe- Ravella

I am a commercial and editorial photographer in Washington, but with global travel adventures. The three areas below represent what I love to photograph. As a result of having real, down to earth conversations with clients and making it a fun experience, I have successfully captured their vision.

Food: I love that food brings people together. While in Italy I visited a small village, that felt like it was in the sky, called Civita di Bagnoregio. Franco was our host at the B&B and chef, whom allowed me to photograph him in his kitchen while we talk about the gravy as the Italians call it, and not sauce. Later I joined other guests from around the world at one table where a delicious 4 course dinner lasted 3 hours with a bottle of Chianti and conversation and the bonus of having Franco join us at the end for a glass of wine. That’s when I decided to photograph food.

In addition, I have great respect for farmers and chefs, and love telling their story through the lens. My ancestors were farmers, and working with the Agricultural Extension Service, I was honored to be a part of a team that helped farmers.

The importance of good food images representing a food business is essential. Due to training and experience with food styling, photography and prop styling, all three have proven very useful, to capture food at its best. 

Environmental Portraiture: This is story telling through the lens. Moments from behind the scenes attract viewer emotions, and draws each person into the story. Having the opportunity to photograph chefs in their creative space to behind the scenes of a wedding or a business owner in his environment to the pride of a farmer who works endlessly. In my travels, it is fun interacting with people and hearing their story. Telling that story connects people, whether you are selling a product, serving as a non profit, or having fun moments with people in your life.

Architect Exterior/Interior  Throughout my travels, I have been fascinated with architect design, and interior design. Think about it, we spend a lot of time either in a building for work, our home or vacationing. While on a business trip, I had the opportunity to step inside a Frank Lloyd Wright home. Reflecting on the European style to living in an Adobe style home in New Mexico peaked my interest in Architect Photography. Tiny houses, refurbished homes, vacation stay treehouses and Eco office buildings with creative interior design options, is only the tip of how creative designers can be.

A few of my clients include: Bookwalter Winery, Stick and Stone Pizza, Meier Architect Engineering, Living TC Magazine, NW Wine Press, Lodge at Columbia Point, Roasters Coffee, AJ Edible Art, Village at Southridge, Solar Spirits, FABREO, Guerras, Taylored Living Magazine, Mama Too’s, United Way, World Food Travel Association. I am also a contractor for Dream Home Services.

Contact: Cell: 541-350-7828 - Email: jsharperavella@gmail.com

Serving the Pacific Northwest based in Kennewick, WA